Cliff, Kevin, and Director Joseph Campo in front of the St. Francis House.


Kevin S.

An oasis in Brooklyn, NY exists. The St. Francis House and the St. Joseph Residence in Greenpoint, Brooklyn are a place of safety, comfort, values, discipline and faith. A place where you can find refuge in a dark world, and shelter in a time of need. There have been many young men who have come and gone over the years and I was fortunate to have spent 2 years of my life there from 1996-1998. In those years I had a lot of ideas about life, opinions about how I fit in and questions about my purpose. Like many others, I can always stand to learn a thing or two, and it was at the St Francis House where I really saw God's hand at work every day in my life and in the lives of my roommates. Young men working hard to move in a direction of healing, success, purpose, and redemption. The relationships I made back then are still valid today and even more meaningful. As the years have gone by, as we grow older, I see these men growing in their faith, I see a maturity, a solid grounding that could only come from one source. I am truly grateful to Father Benedict, Joe Campo, the Franciscans, my old roommates whom I call brothers and all the generous people who help this oasis continue to thrive. It has never been more relevant and in need. It provides a home to the homeless and ultimately hope to the hopeless.